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If you're looking for a Judson Supercharger and you're not sure what questions to ask or what components make the full kit, read the "Buyers Guide & Check List" by clicking on the heading above, print it out and take it with you when you go to view.

Friends of The VW Judson Register

Well you're all friends really but the following "Restoration Services" (shown in the black boxes) are the lifeblood of the Judson fraternity. 
Those whose services are shown are recommended without reservation. They all have a proven and trusted track record. They keep our superchargers and VW engines running sweetly and, to varying degrees, can supply all the spare parts and restoration services you need. 

Restoration Services

Alejandro Martin - Brussels, Belgium. Email: almar9@hotmail.com     Alejandro can usually supply from stock, VW Judson 36 and 40hp supercharger kits. All supercharger kits consist of either original Judson parts or exact copies manufactured to the highest standards.

click here for parts and price list

George B. Folchi - 58 Merryall Road   New Milford, Connecticut 06776, U.S.A. Telephone: (860) 355-2807. Email: gbfolchi@yahoo.com George is well known in the Judson world and has a reputation for high quality restorations. He can also supply repair kits if you feel confident enough to carry out your own restoration. 

click here for list of services, parts and price list.

Restoration & Sales.

Glenn Ring
 Long Island, New York, USA.

rebuilds all the old cast iron Bosch Vacuum and Mechanical advance distributors to the highest standards or can sell you one outright.

For more pictures visit Glenn's website:

PayPal accepted. Will ship worldwide.

If you're looking for a quality free-breathing exhaust for your Judson then "Vintage Speed" have a tailored system to suit your Beetle, Bus or Karmann Ghia. "Vintage Speed" have built a reputation for quality and customer service over the years that is second to none. If you are located in the UK click on the banner above and ask Dan Simpson for "Judson Register" discount.

For customers outside the UK please click here.

New Judson Rotors!!
The days of noisy, rattling Judson can now be a thing of the past. Finally a new, high quality Judson Rotor is available to whoever wants one.
Ricardo Deisernia, a highly respected Vintage VW parts manufacturer from Argentina is offering the rotors at the price of $450 US.
If you don't know Ricardo please check out his feedback rating on The Samba website.

Click on picture to be taken to Ricardo's website

Click on pictures for larger view of Ricardo's Rotor operation.

Also Available - Glass Marvel Oiler Bottles!!
If you've ever tried to find a replacement Glass Marvel Bottle you'll know that it's almost impossible. Now Ricardo is supplying the Classic bulbous bottle with the top and bottom frosted bands from the '50 - early '60 version.
Price in the region of $130.

Click on picture to be taken to Ricardo's website.

Click on thumbnails below for detail pictures of mould making process.

NEW!!- Now available - Judson ID Labels
Faithfully recreating the oficial Judson ID Label found on all VW model Superchargers
Click on either picture of the labels to be transferred to Ricardo's Website.

^^^Ricardo's Okrasa Elbows $375.^^^

36hp Judson Aircleaners & Replacement Screens

Click on picture to be taken to Ricardo's website

Judson Supercharger Vanes

Click on picture to be taken to Ricardo's website

Top Quality Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Judson Oiler Lines and Judson Double Belt Tensioner
 from Mike Bucchino
Custom Oil Lines to Your Suit your requirements ...email for pricing.


Now offering the Okrasa-style Fram oil filter basic setup with black-oxide coated case feed and return fittings, copper banjo seals, triple orange tracer steel braided German oil hoses for right firewall filter location, silver zinc plated filter inlet/ outlet compression fittings, with insured USPS shipping with tracking and signature delivery confirmation is US$185 shipped to the US.

The kits that I am producing are to fit a Fram bypass oil filter, which is mounted on the fan housing for dual carb setups, on the left side (driver's side) of the engine compartment floor on Karmann Ghias, or on the firewall to the right side of the engine (passenger side) when used with the Judson setup.  If you don't have a Fram oil filter, I have a few on hand that I can restore for your setup for about $350, in blue, orange, green or silver with repro decals.   I also have the filter elements available for $20. 

I am also offering an Okrasa-style cooling spiral setup to add to the basic Fram filter kit.  The copper oil cooler is a desirable original period correct option to add engine cooling to this filter setup.  Options for this are either copper or copper-nickel-ferrous tubing, either soldered to the hoses or produced with compression unions for ease of servicing/repairs, either clearanced for cooling air inlet thermostat ring or not. All necessary brackets, fittings, clamps and hardware are included for a proper professional installation. The least expensive option is an additional $100 shipped.  Copper (original and correct) work-hardens eventually due to vibration, plus some claim that hot oil contact is the cause of sludge formation in the oil. Cu-ni-fer (non-original and lighter copper-tone) will never tarnish or cause oil sludge problems. But, it's a bit more than plain copper tubing. I personally like the unions (hide behind the fan housing) and the cunifer tubing for actual driving use. Purists will want exact original materials and appearances. Add an additional $50 for 2 metric compression unions and cunifer tubing.

The Judson setup itself uses a Marvel oiler mounted on the firewall to the left side of the engine (driver's side).  I produce a hose and fittings to connect this oiler to the Judson, using materials that match my Fram oil line kits. This kit is $70.

Another kit that I am producing is the copper-coated steel lines and banjo fittings for the Okrasa accessory glass-bowl fuel filter.  This line kit with fittings connecting the fuel pump to the carb is available for $125. The Okrasa/ Speedwell glass-bowl filters come in two sizes and usually go for around $125.  I have both sizes of the rubber bowl gaskets available for $5.

All of these parts are, in fact made with as many German materials as are currently available, assembled using original processes to achieve correct original appearances.  I recommend all of these period correct accessories and my kits to connect them to your 36hp Judson engine, as most folks have never even seen any of these cool vintage speed parts, and you will stand out at a vintage show or if you get featured in a magazine article. 

I have only sold a few of these kits, so there are not many people in the world that currently have such rare and beautiful correct vintage speed equipment on their VW's.   You'll be in a class by yourself in the VW community.  

I accept PayPal.


Fram By-Pass Oil Filter Straps
Mike has just added the Fram filter strap to his growing list of new products. 
For sale
with the necessary hardware:
$30 for one 2" wide strap or $40 for two 1.5" wide steel straps.



Now available a quality practical addition to your double belted 36hp Judson Kit.
Mike's Double Belt Tensioner solves that "can't find the right size belt" problem and makes changing your generator belt a 10 minute job instead of the 1 hour hair tearing exercise.
Price $75.00


Matt Kenney's 
Aircooled Research is
THE source for 30/36hp, 34/40hp engine and Vintage Speed Parts.

Matt can simplify that difficult job of searching for quality NOS and refurbished parts to complete the restoration of your 
Vintage Speed VW.

Click on the logo to visit his website.

Judson Magneto Instructions & Sales Literature. Now Available!
Now available as a high quality reproduction, the full documentation pack that arrived inside every Judson Magneto box.
Click on the picture for ordering details. $15.00 plus shipping.

Buy & Sell
Products featured in the first "Buy & Sell" section are high quality products either sponsored by or produced for The VW Judson Register.

The Essential Accessory for all Judson Karmann Ghia Owners!

This is the long awaited official reproduction of the Classic Judson Air Scoop.
All items are "Swiss Made" and carry a signed Certificate of Approval from Haddon Judson jnr.


"Supercharged by Judson"
The Official Judson Research & Mfg Co. Car Badge.

Don’t mistake this badge for other poor quality imitations…these were not churned out of a back-street workshop in vast quantities for pennies and dressed up to look “period”. These are made by a high-class badge manufacturer and represent excellent value.

The Judson Register supports “The Judson Enthusiast”…if you buy from us you will also be supporting “The Judson Enthusiast”.
Click on picture for more details.

Finally Here!
Joe has Okrasa / Ghia Elbows

After waiting for over 1 year to have these made, they are finally here!!! 
I have these "in hand", today, ready to ship, no waiting!!! Okrasa / Ghia elbows are required when you are installing a 36hp/40hp Okrasa engine in your ride! These are made IDENTICAL to what was available back when they were made in the 50's. I have a limited amount and they will go fast since I have had numerous requests/demands for these. For more info, please send me an email at: mrokrasa@earthlink.net 
or give me a call at: (714) 926-7004. 
These will make an excellent Christmas stocking stuffer!
If this ad is currently "active" and you live in the USA, you can order yours by sending $453 ($16 Paypal fees + $12 "USPS" Priority shipping) payment directly to my Paypal account: mrokrasa@earthlink.net which will guarantee you a pair, shipped throughout the entire U.S.A., USPS "Priority Shipping" with insurance and "Delivery Confirmation" ensures delivery time! Those outside the U.S.A., send $480 and your address and I will get a pair out to you immediately! Cheers! Mr. Okrasa ;-)

Judson 36hp performance camshafts are here!! 
I use these camshafts all the time when I build my Judson Supercharged engines. They pull great throughout the entire RPM range. Many, MANY satisfied customers so far. 
Worldwide secured shipping! PayPal payment preferred. $199.00+shipping
Please visit my online photo albums to view Okrasa, Denzel, Judson, stock 25hp/36hp engines at: www.imageevent.com/mrokrasa
Cheers! Joe. Okrasa Motor Werks.
Email Joe to order



Marvel Oiler Service & Restoration Kit.
You will not find these kits offered anywhere else, they are exclusive to this website only. 

Click on picture for details

The Classic Marvel Oiler Water Transfer Decal
True to the original, we can now offer you this high quality water transfer.
Price: £7.50
Free worldwide shipping.


Hot Rodding the Volkswagen
 by Ocee Ritch.
Professional bound photocopy. This is an excellent review of period high performance upgrades, and gets into using Okrasa, Denzel, Zenith, Pepco, Empi, etc.  Has a chapter dedicated to Superchargers, with the emphasis on Judson. The original pamphlet is 65 pages, which have been copied onto 32 single side pages and enlarged slightly. 
This one definitely takes its place next to "Making the VW Go" and "Souping the VW." The $15 includes shipping within the lower 48, but I'll ship anywhere. You can PayPal me too if you want, at my email address.

Click on picture for details

To learn more please click below.

The Original Ampco
 Top Cylinder Lubricator


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For Sale

Email Tony Slatington Pa USA

29 Sept 2015
NOS 40hp Judson supercharger, complete kit for type 1 VW. I ordered this from Judson and never used it, It has been on a shelf in my hobby room from new and is the complete Judson kit, oiler and every thing to mount it to a type 1 40hp VW.  The price is $2500 firm, pictures if needed, email me if interested.
Paypal only

Email Herb Denver Co. USA

3 Sept 2015
Judson Supercharger for A Series (AH Sprite, MG Midget). Any condition considered as long as it is re-buildable.

Email Richard California USA

6 Aug 2015
I'm looking for a 36 HP Judson kit for a 1957 VW Beetle.

Email Ivar Norway

16 July 2015
Looking for a Judson supercharger kit for my Volvo B18,B20 Engine.
For Sale

Email Billy Minnesota USA

1 July 2015
I have 2 Judson Cycle-Tron coils/ignition system.
Make me a reasonable offer, I will ship anywhere.

Email Aaron U.K.

25 June 2015
Looking for a Judson "Hold-it tool.
Please Email with your price.

Email Michael
Melbourne, Australia

12 May 2015
Looking to purchase a complete and in good condition Judson super charger for a Mercedes 190SL.
Also if anyone knows can a MG/Sprite supercharger be converted for a 190SL?
Any help will be appreciated.
For Sale

Email Dave Barnsley U.K.

2 May 2015
1956 VW Beetle Judson Supercharged, in black, show condition, loads of original paper work, fully restored to mint condition, all matching chassis and engine numbers, no rust or rot. Interior near new condition £12500 GBP
For Sale

Email Chris Stafford U.K.

29 Mar 2015
I am selling my fully refurbished 40HP Judson Supercharger kit whick includes the blower, pulleys, air filter, oiler, brackets, linkage, tensioner wheel, hose, belt, jets etc. plus two bottles of Marvellous Mystery oil and instructions on how to fit and commission it. I also have a spare oil bath air filter that will provide the correct nose piece for the air filter (faces the firewall so is not seen).

I bought this from George Folchi in the USA. It is the Mark II version for 40HP cars with the separate dynamo pedestal.

Email Bob Bellingham WA USA.

30 Jan 2015
ooking for a complete, good condition, Judson Supercharger kit for my 1970 BMW 2002 with the E10 engine. Appreciate all help/advice: Thanks

Nice to find (if you can) N.O.S. Type II kit.


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